The present

Marina Starkey is a 23 year old from Long Island, New York who now lives in Boston, Massachusetts. She graduated from Emerson College in 2015 with a Bachelor's in Writing, Literature, & Publishing and a double minor in Journalism and Leadership & Management. She just received a Master's in Gastronomy at Boston University. Marina's primary focus in her studies is food communication, which includes writing, marketing, PR, publishing, and media. To learn more about her skills and relevant industry experience, please go to her Resume/CV page and Published Works page. She credits most, if not all, of her passion for food and cooking to culinary whiz Alton Brown and of course, her mother. Thanks, mom. When Marina is not in school, at work, or cooking, she can be found at her yoga studio, playing her ukulele, hiking, or reading, but most likely grocery shopping. 

The future

Like many twentysomethings, Marina is trying to figure out her proper path in life. All she knows for sure is that she wants to play with her food for a living and somehow communicate that to the world. With experience in food writing, restaurant PR, publishing, and non-profits, she certainly keeps her options open. Marina might want to be the next Alton Brown, be a prolific food writer, open her own restaurant where she could give out delicious, local, and sustainable food for free, or start a small business. Maybe she will be all of these things all at once. But in the meantime, Marina is figuring out how the warmth food brings people can effectively be communicated and spread to as many people as possible. She hopes that one day people will take her seriously enough to listen.